About me

I’m a philosopher of science and language, currently working at the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science (CLPS). This centre is part of the Institute of Philosophy (HIW) of KU Leuven in Belgium. In 2019, I was the recipient of a three-year senior postdoctoral fellowship of the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO). I am currently a visiting researcher at CEPDISC in Aarhus (Denmark). I have also been a visiting researcher at Harvard University and Sheffield University.

My academic CV can be found here, including a list of publications, conference talks, and awards. Below is a picture of me when I was a bit younger (which is of course, as Mitch Hedberg would have pointed out, true of every picture of me):

In my work, I focus on the ways in which we think and talk about the kinds in the world around us, both in every day life and in science. This is a very broad topic, so in my research I aim to contribute to and borrow insights from various different fields. More specifically, I research natural kinds (general phil. of science), human kinds (phil. of psychiatry, phil. of race), kind-reasoning (phil. of cognitive science), and generic generalizations (phil. of language). I believe that it is at the intersection of these different fields that we can come to understand the practice of categorizing things and people into kinds.

I’m also a board member of beGeesterd, a new organization that aims to promote philosophy of psychiatry in Flanders (Belgium). More information about our activities can be found here.

In summer, I like to spend my free time on the water, either kitesurfing or wakeboarding. Though not the warmest climate, Belgium both has very windy conditions at the North Sea shore and enough flat rivers and canals for the windless wakeboarding days.

Olivier Lemeire

Contact: olivier.lemeire[at-sign]kuleuven.be