I am involved in three research projects. All three of them are about ways in which we categorize people, but each project is a distinct way of addressing this issue.

Currently, my main research focus is on Generic stereotypes. This project focuses on the language we use to talk about kinds of people. It is the subject of my FWO postdoctoral fellowship. You can read more about this project here and find drafts of new papers about this subject here.

My PhD research was about the scientific classification of human kinds and the ‘naturalness’ of these classifications. Although this project has finished, I remain interested in issues related to Human kinds and/as natural kinds. You can read about this project here and find publications about this subject here.

Finally, I am also interested in Ideology in science and philosophy. This is primarily a research project of other philosophers at the CLPS in Leuven, but it allows me to pursue this topic as a side-project. More on this project here.