I am involved in three research projects. All three of them are about ways in which we categorize things and people into kinds, but each project is a distinct way of addressing this issue.

Currently, my main research focus is on Scientific generics. The goal of this project is to explain the epistemic role of generic generalizations in science, like ‘Metal are excellent conductors of heat’ or ‘Electrons have a negative charge’. This is the project based on which I received my current postdoctoral fellowship by the Research Foundation Flanders. It is also the subject of the book manuscript I am working on. You can read more about this project here.

During my previous postdoctoral fellowship, also funded by the Research Foundation Flanders, I worked on Generic stereotypes. This project aimed to explain the particularly pernicious nature of generically formulated stereotypes, like ‘Muslims are terrorists.’ You can read more about this project here.

My PhD research was about the scientific classification of human kinds and the ‘naturalness’ of these classifications. I defended my dissertation in 2015 but I remain interested in issues related to Human kinds and/as natural kinds. You can read about this ongoing project here.