Public philosophy

Knack, 8/1/2023

Translation title: ‘Let’s start the new year with a month without opinions’

Short version: De Standaard, 24/11/2018.

Full version: Bij Nader Inzien, 19/11/2018.

Translation title: ‘Philosophy of language for fact-checkers

This text won the 2018 essay prize ‘The power of academic philosophy’, by the Dutch Research School of Philosophy. (See:

Bij Nader Inzien, 8/5/2017

Translation title: ‘A more conservative university is a better university’

De Standaard, 18/11/2017

Translation title: ‘ADHD is not a myth, but also not a brain disease’

De Wijzer, 11/3/2019

Translation title: ‘Generics about gender’